Item management

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Item management

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Prior to using the cash register and punching up, the first logical step is to create the products you will be selling. Products in Dotypos are divided into categories. First create the categories and then the products. Afterward you can insert the created products into individual categories. The products will be well arranged and you will be able to quickly find the desired product, especially if you have a large quantity of them.

The Dotypos catalogue will help you set up your new product, filling in the product name and barcode for you.

Item management screen

Creating, moving and deleting categories

Creating, moving and deleting products

Adjusting a saved product

Special products



Returnable packaging

Calculating time-based price

Price levels

EAN, PLU, and weighted code


Quick and short notes

Bonus points

Printing price tags




You can manage products, categories and other items in the cash register, including batch import/export, using the web interface Dotypos Cloud.