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This lets you assign privileges to users for different Dotypos Cloud operations. The full description of Dotypos Cloud user privileges can be found here.


Apart from performing individual operations, Dotypos Cloud also lets you set privileges for cash register operations or the application Warehouse. To create a user account in the cash register and assign privileges, see this chapter.


How do I add a user and assign him or her Dotypos Cloud privileges?


Use the button Add 01 to add users, and the button Edit 02 to add or delete individual user privileges for working in Dotypos Cloud.




If you are adding a new user, type the user’s email address in the appropriate field 01 and then click on Check. The verification process will check whether the email address used for logging into the system is unique. This address must be unique among all Dotypos Cloud users or else a message “This email is already registered” will appear. In such a case, use another email. The only exception are users with whom you share at least one cloud. You can use their email even when they are already registered in the system.

Then for the new user, select the Login 02 and Language (mandatory) 03. Settings or cancellation can be confirmed using Save in the bottom of the page. If you are adjusting an existing customer, the information will be already filled out, so you just check or adjust it.




The right-hand section of the editing window has the following items:

The informative field Cloud 01shows which cloud you are going to assign privileges to.

Switch Access to cloud 02 in the enabled factory settings allows the selected user whose number is in the field to access the cloud 01.

The button + 03 button unpacks the privilege tree so all available privileges will be displayed, which is good for doing editing. The button - button packs this tree - only the first level of each privilege group will be visible and the list will be clearer to understand.

The button Select all (default status) 04 marks all privileges, which means the user will have this cloud fully under their control. Use the button Disable all to take all privileges away from the user.

By clicking on the selected privilege 05 you remove it from the user. Non-active privileges are not marked green. If you click on a non-active privilege again, it will be reassigned to the user and again marked green. By clicking on the item preceded with the mark + you can add or remove all privileges of all levels under it. By clicking directly on marks + and - you unpack and repack individual tree branches.

After setting all privileges, click on Save, or you can cancel them all using the button Cancel in the bottom of the page.




Once saved, a password will be sent to the new user's email address. To log in to Dotypos Cloud, you will use your email and this password. The password can then be changed (reset) in the Dotypos Cloud settings under Acount settings or in the log in dialog.



If the list of user rights is displayed in a different language than the rest of Dotypos Cloud, it means that you had a different language set the last time you logged on to Dotypos Cloud. Just set your preferred language again and then log in again.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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