Cash in / out

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Cash in / out

Navigation:  Working with cash register > Main screen and billing > Tile menu >

Click on this button to make a single cash in/out from the cash register. Cash out is useful when you need cash from the register to buy materials.

It is all a matter of seconds: in the displayed dialog just select Cash In or Cash Out 01 and enter the amount to be deposited to or withdrawn from the cash register. 02. Optionally, you can provide the cash register operation with your own label 03 shown afterwards in the sales overview, or also with a note describing the purpose of payment and the customer 04. Finally, do not forget to click on Save to enter the operation into the cash register.





When pressing the button CASH IN / OUT , the Cash drawer will open automatically. Other options connected with opening the Cash drawer are described in the Dotypos application settings in the chapter Cash drawer.