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Navigation:  Dotypos Cloud > Item panel > Item Management > Employees >

On the tab Item Management » Employees you can find an overview of the attendance of individual employees, including additional editing of individual records. Therefore, only authorized persons should have access to the employee section. To view attendance, click on the Attendance tab in the header 01.



Attendance records for individual employees will be displayed. You can limit the records to a specific employee by using the drop-down menu 02. You can set the interval of the displayed data by clicking on the date range 03. If you need to edit a record, tap the DETAIL button 04 next to the selected record.



For each record, you can edit the arrival/departure date and time and the length of the break. After saving the changes by clicking 05, the time worked will be recalculated.



Attendance is available in the cash register login dialog. You can also find an overview of employee attendance in reports in the cash register or in Dotypos Cloud in reports.