Product reports

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Product reports

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We recommend using the new reports described in this chapter to work with cash register data. These original reports are not modified or developed any further.

Product reports

Get the details of a specific product report simply by clicking on the selected report for the image below:



Product report types

By categories

Based on the selected time period or cash register, the report describes sold items merged into categories. It displays the number of sold items (number of unique items in receipts), average price of the item, total quantity sold, total price of sold items, VAT and average purchase price. Active switch Show by devices will show products from all cash registers within one category in the report.

By employees

An identical report to that according to categories, only merged by employees. You can choose a specific employee prior to generating the report.

By customers

An identical report to that according to categories, only merged by customers. You can choose a specific customer prior to generating the report.

By tags

This option generates a product report by selected tags. These tags must first be assigned to the product. Before generating the report, you can select a Data range and a specific Device to make the generated output more accurate.



By behalf (According to the proxy)

The report shows products sold by proxy by created subjects.

Selling products

Based on the selected time period, cash register, or tag, the report displays a breakdown of individual sold items with the cash register document they belong to, their quantity, price and payment type. You will also find the cash transaction number from the payment terminal, the variable symbol of the payment or the name and label of the specific cashier. This report is compatible for importing into the accounting system Helious Green.

Ingredients overview

Based on the selected warehouse, the report generates a list of sold items and their ingredients.

Items on open orders

The report shows products in open orders.