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clip0298Dotypos lets you draw up simple invoices with the products charged to the selected customer. The invoice will be drawn on the selected customer's name and its header will contain information about your company specified in the Dotypos settings. The already generated invoice can be found in the history and displayed retrospectively.




If you need to cancel an invoice and issue a credit note, you must cancel the invoice in the cash register in History. Invoice cancellation is the same as standard document cancellation. A new invoice with negative values is issued, the “corrective tax invoice.” This new tax document is entered in the accounting system.


To issue an invoice you have to:

1.In the Invoices section of the application settings, enable and set up the use of invoices and fill in your company details.

2.In the tile menu use the button Customer to fill out information about the customer or select an already existing customer account.


How do I issue an invoice?


Make sure you charge the customer account to whom you want to issue the invoice. Select the customer by clicking on the button CUSTOMER 01. Once you select the customer, their name will appear on the button. You can also assign the customer later in the Payment dialog using the option Set customer.




The first time you open the payment dialog after activating the Invoice payment method in the Application Settings, you will see a warning that you can find the SET AS INVOICE option in the Advanced payment options, which can be accessed via the three dots icon with an arrow pointing to it. To close the notification, tap the OK button.


Perform any potential changes in the Payment dialog and when you are done click on the icon Advanced payment options 02. You will see a dialog window with other options, from which you select SET AS INVOICE 03.




If you have not entered your company details in the Application settings » Invoices, you will now receive a warning. Tap CONTINUE to be redirected to the appropriate settings. There, fill in the required data, save it by tapping OK and return to the payment dialog.



On page Invoice you can select the payment method (cash, credit card, bank transfer), date of the taxable transaction, the maturity date and make a note. The note you enter will appear below the total amount on the invoice. If you select the method cash or debit/credit card, the maturity date will be set to the current date. If you enabled a separate numerical series for invoice numbering, this document number will be automatically used as the variable symbol for the invoice settled by bank transfer. Continue and click on Paid.




If you choose to pay by bank transfer and add an account number with a maximum 10-digit variable symbol to the invoice, the generated invoice will automatically include a QR code for quick payment.



The invoice preview will be displayed. In the upper right corner you can find icons to print the invoice out, send it directly to the entered email address, or use the opportunity to share and insert it into any application. You can print on a common printer e.g. using the application PrinterShare via the Wi-Fi network. Use the two-finger touch gesture to zoom in/out on the printer. If the invoice has more pages, it has a link to move to the next page on the bottom.



If you select to send the invoice directly by email, a dialog with the message preferences appears. In this dialog, you fill out the recipient's email address. Also, you can change the topic or even the message itself in the field Text. The invoice is attached to the message as an attachment in .pdf format. Use the button 04 then send the message. All invoices generated in .pdf format can also be found directly in the internal memory (Internal Memory) of the cash register, in the folder DotykackaPdf.




Generating invoices is supported in Android, starting with version 4.4.2. In devices with an older version of the system, it will not work. If you have a cash register with Android 4.4, to generate invoices you have to go to the Dotypos Marketplace and install the application PDF Viewer. In version Android 5, PDF support is already implemented. So, when using cash registers with a newer system, you do not have to install this application.



How do I generate a copy of the invoice?


In the tile menu select HISTORY 01. Then choose the transaction for which you want to issue the invoice. 02.




Click on the icon for other options 03 and then the option Share/Print invoice 04.




The invoice preview will be displayed and you can print, send or share it using the icons in the top right corner.




In Dotypos Cloud, the type of payment by invoice will be indicated on the document in individual cash register operations.


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This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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