Cloud settings

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Cloud settings

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Data in Dotypos is stored in a so-called “cloud,” which is a safeguarded data storage in the Internet that communicates with your cash register and synchronizes the data with it. You can use both the local cash register and this remote cloud via a web interface we call Dotypos Cloud.

You can have more clouds, e.g. when you have two shops with different ranges of goods sold. Just log into Dotypos Cloud and select the store (cloud) you currently want to work with. You can create a new cloud (for one or more independent cash registers) in the activation wizard. In most cases one cloud will be enough, the individual cash registers in this cloud will share the data.

The menu Cloud settings, available via the cloud icon on the upper bar on the screen, contains several important settings:



Cloud settings

This settings allows you to change the cloud name and hide graphs in the overview on the initial screen. Click on the cloud icon 01 and then on Cloud settings 02. Enter a new cloud name or shift the switch 03 and click on the button Save. Having the switch in the position ON means that graphs will be displayed; in the position OFF , the graphs will not be displayed in the overview.