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Below, you can find interactive maps for the Dotypos user interface - the main screen and side menu. If you place the mouse cursor above the picture, a description of individual items, buttons and icons appears. Move the mouse cursor above the desired item and you learn its function. Clicking on designated items lets you go to the related chapters.



Main screen

Hold the mouse cursor above the desired item. If there is a text with three dots in the information bubble, click to open the related chapter. The availability of all menu tiles on the left side depends on active items in the Application settings.




If you select in the activation wizard the establishment type Trade, the PLU keyboard for instant (fast) sale will be displayed by default instead of tiles with individual products. You can find more information about the Instant sale in this chapter.



Side menu

Use the Side menu to enter the Dotypos advanced settings, sales overviews or reports.  You will also find the option Item management, which is used to create products and their categories. Tap on the item License in the footer to open the dialog with detailed information about the license used.

Hold the mouse cursor above the desired item. If there is a text with three dots in the information bubble, click to open the related chapter.



If there is currently an independent seller logged in at the cash desk, there is an item in the side menu to switch to the independent cash register settings for this seller:





Tap on the item License in the side menu to open the dialog showing the license type, its validity and the applied license code. By opening this dialog the license is also verified again. This is useful e.g. when you have changed the license type and you want to transfer this updated license to the cash register.

Use the button LICENSE CODE to run the activation wizard where you can change the entered license code valid for this cash register.



If your license is about to expire soon, you will be notified of this each time you open Dotypos. Once you buy a license for the next period and the license is verified, this information disappears. For manual verification, just open the dialog License mentioned above.



If the license is deactivated, the following dialog appears and the cash register will not be operational anymore:



The license deactivation may happen due to the following reasons:

The validity of the used license code expired.

You deactivated the license temporarily in My Dotypos.

You made a cash register replacement.

The invoice for the license fee was not settled up and is due for more than 10 days.

The HW device token was changed. This may happen to older devices or devices with a faulty storage.



You can manage and settle up your invoices from the customer portal My Dotypos. When the invoice is settled up, in the cash register in the tile menu tap on License and open this page with license details or tap on the dialog button LICENSE CHECK. By doing this the license will be verified and the cash register starts up.

If all your invoices have been settled up properly, it may be caused by a device fault. In such cases please contact technical support.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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