Ordering systems

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Ordering systems

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On the Ordering systems tab in Dotypos Cloud you will find currently supported and upcoming integrations with online ordering systems and delivery services. The level of integration of each service depends on the capabilities of the service. Therefore, the possibilities of cooperation with the cash register may be different for each service depending on what all the service offers to customers and whether it is possible to connect all these functions with the cash register system. Therefore, the configuration options for each service may also be different. Bolt Food, Wolt and Wolt Retail are supported.

First, you need to enable the connection to your preferred service in this section, create categories (sections) and place already created products from the cash register into them. The categories in the ordering systems are therefore completely independent and not related to the created categories in the cash register. You can then place the products you have already created in the cash register into these categories. The products are the same for the ordering systems and the cash register. You can then process orders directly in the cash register.


-Takeaway Sales Settings


How to connect the cash register with the ordering system?

We'll show you how to connect the Bolt Food service. If you don't use Bolt Food yet and would like to, just fill out this form. To connect, you need an External ID, which Bolt will assign to you. Once you have created an offer using the procedure below, contact Bolt to activate your orders. You will then be able to post the offer and it will appear on your business page in that service.

With Wolt, you'll already have the connection set up from Dotypos. So once you get the message that the linking is ready, just create the menu by following the procedure below.



If you are already using Bolt and have a menu created directly in Bolt, activating orders will delete the menu in Bolt and replace it with the menu in Dotypos. It is therefore necessary to have a menu already created in Dotypos and only then ask Bolt to activate orders. If you are unable to synchronize, see the end of this chapter.

In the case of Wolt, you first need to create a menu, enter the hours of operation, log out of the Wolt Merchant app, and then enable order synchronization!



Login to the Dotypos Cloud web interface. In the left tab bar, select Integration and then Ordering systems 01. Select which cash register 02 you want to connect and then tap INTEGRATE 03 for Bolt Food.




A dialog will be displayed for entering the ID number (External ID from Bolt). You will receive this number if you apply for a restaurant registration on Bolt or another service. So enter the ID number assigned to your business for the service and confirm with the INTEGRATE button.




Click ADD SECTION 01 to add a new category with a title and description. Use the EDIT 02 button next to the hours of operation to specify the hours of operation for your business for each day of the week. These should be the times you take orders.




Once you add the first section, you can add items, i.e. products, edit it or delete it. You can do all this using the buttons 03. The created categories and inserted products are common for all connected ordering systems.




To add a product, tap on the ADD ITEM button. A simple dialog will be displayed with the search field 04. Enter at least one character in this field and the corresponding products will be offered. Tap on the selected product to select it and tap the ADD button to add it to the created section. By activating the option 05 you can set the availability of the product, i.e. the time from - to when customers will be able to order it.




To change the order of products in a section, hold down the icon 06 and drag. For each product you will find a panel of icons that allows you to temporarily hide the product clip0652, set it as sold out clip0653, adjust the availability time for orders clip0654 or delete clip0655. Click on the icon clip0719 to see its image, the first price on the line indicates the amount inserted for the packaging. You set both of these items in the product properties.

Once you have added and set up all the products, click 08 to publish the offer. The offer will be published on your company's page in that service, but only if Bolt has already activated your orders. Otherwise, contact Bolt to activate the orders and then republish the offer using the 08 button.

Tap on the MANAGE INTEGRATIONS button 09 to return to the service overview, where you can cancel the integration or set it up for another service.




Additional product features applicable to ordering systems can be found in the product list if you open the product detail.

If you delete a product in the checkout that is part of the menu for ordering services, it will be marked in red here.


Once published, the PUBLISH OFFERING button 08 will change to ENABLE / DISABLE ORDERS. You can easily turn on or off the order option for your customers.




Although the above procedure is valid for Bolt Food, it will be similar for other ordering services. Depending on what the service supports, there may be a difference in the setup options for the sections or products offered, or in the menu configuration for that service.


You can now move to the treasure room and checkout orders there. The availability of individual products for ordering can also be adjusted at the cash register in this setting.


-Error synchronizing with Bolt Food