Payment dialog usage scenarios

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Payment dialog usage scenarios

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The possibilities of the payment dialogue in Dotykačka are wide. With appropriate settings, you determine what should happen after the bill is issued. If you want to save time as much as possible, you can simply register the received amount by tapping on the displayed values of banknotes and coins or add quick actions to the bottom panel. Any tip can also be entered before final payment. In the case of supported payment terminals, you can leave the tip entirely up to the customer. When paying by card, the terminal itself offers to enter the tip. The most common scenarios for using the payment dialog are shown in this chapter. The individual scenarios (settings) listed here can of course be combined.



The procedures described below refer to the Payment Settings tab, which can be found by opening the side menu under Application Settings. It is the options in Payment Settings that affect the behaviour of the payment dialog.


-Retail - records of cash received

-Hotels and restaurants - tips

-Fast payment - quick payment method choices and actions

-Acceptance of foreign currencies


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