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A completely functional touch cash register is a prerequisite for installing and setting up the customer display. I.e. the Dotypos app installed and the Customer Display connected. The customer display communicates with the touch cash register via the network connection. Both the cash register and the customer display itself must have IP addresses assigned and “visible” to each other.


How do I install the customer display and put it into operation?

Follow these steps to set up the customer display:

1.How to install the application Customer display

2.Configure the customer display on the touch cash register

3.Load the media via Dotypos Cloud



How to install the application Customer display


Unpack and connect the customer display. It should turn on automatically. On the Android desktop, run Dotypos Marketplace and install the application Zákaznický displej Dotypos (Customer display).


Run the application Customer display. The initial dialog with a generated ID number appears. The touch cash register connects to the customer display using this number. Remember this number. Use the button MANUAL CONFIGURATION to display and change the IP address of the customer display and the port. However, we recommend that only advanced users change these settings. By default you do not have to change them. Now continue by setting up the customer display in Dotypos.




If you are using a DHCP server in your network, the customer display will obtain the IP address automatically. When paired using the ID number, the cash register is able to find the customer display even if you change its IP address.


Touch cash register configuration


Run Dotypos on the touch cash register and go to the advanced settings to the Accessories section. There, click on the option Customer display. The advanced customer display settings for Dotypos will open.


Click on Connect Dotypos display 01 and, in the displayed dialog, select the customer display with the relevant ID number (see the preceding picture). Finally, activate the option Enable Dotypos display 02. Now you have the customer display connected to the cash register. You can then continue by uploading media which will be seen on the customer display.



Loading media

Now set up what kind of media will be displayed on the customer display. This setting is available via Dotypos Cloud. Log into the web interface of Dotypos Cloud and follow the steps in this chapter.


Once your media playlist is ready, click on the option Set 03 to load and synchronize the media. Images or videos will be displayed on the customer display in a few seconds (according to media number and size). At the same time, it will leave activated the option Show display settings. By clicking on this option, you show the settings directly on the customer display. The settings will also appear if you click three times at length on the customer display during playback.

If you want the Dotypos logo not to be shown on the customer display, deactivate the option 04. You can also change the logo picture by clicking on it (under this option).




If you just want media without information about the current account to be shown on the customer display, perform the synchronization and then set another IP address. The customer display will now contain the media, but it will not be available for displaying actual information.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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