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In this section, you will find the settings for synchronization with Dotypos Cloud, data back up and storage and the option to add connected cash registers for transferring orders. Any changes other than adding connected cash registers are not recommended unless consulted in advance with the technical support!


Synchronization with Dotypos Cloud

Click to enable or disable the cash register connection to Dotypos Cloud and data synchronization. This option contains a unique cloud identifier (web storage where the cash register saves its data).


If you deactivate this option, the actual data will not be available in Dotypos Cloud and will not be backed up to the web storage. In case of a cash register outage, you can lose both. So this option should always be on.

Device info

Unique identifier of the cash register and the web storage (Cloud) where the cash register stores data. The same information can be found on the first Overview tab.



Enable automatic backup

Enables or disables the creation of automatic internal backups. We recommend keeping the option enabled. You can retrieve your data from internal backups when needed. When necessary, technical support can retrieve your data.


Data backups are saved into the folder DotykackaBackup and work as follows:

Data for the final month are retained in backups more than one year old. All other data is automatically deleted.

Data for the final day of the week is always retained in the most recent month.

The last backup for each day is always retained for the most recent week.

All four backups are retained for the most recent day.

Prefer external storage (SD card)

If a SD card is inserted in the device and this option is enabled, the backups will be automatically stored to this SD card.

Perform manual backup

Clicking here creates a new local backup.



Data retention

This setting defines the time period Dotypos keeps local data in cash registers. By default the data from the current and preceding month are kept (option AUTOMATIC). You can also choose your own interval or keep all data in the cash register. Older data are removed from the cash register always after the close of a shift, so it is important to close shifts regularly. Before deleting local data, Dotypos checks for the presence of identical data in Dotypos Cloud. So any data not yet synchronized with Dotypos Cloud cannot be deleted for any reason.

If you need to display an already removed receipt in the cash register, find it in the History. Once you open it in the history, the receipt will be automatically downloaded into the cash register.

Sample settings:
If you set a one-month time interval and it is August now, the data will be available in the cash register from 1st July to 31st August. On 1st September the data for July will be automatically deleted. The same applies to other intervals: 1 day = data for today and the entire preceding day.


The data storage period determines the size of the database in the cash register. Large data volumes in the database can cause the cash register to operate slower, especially if the transaction amount is high. So we recommend keeping the default settings. Older data are always available in Dotypos Cloud.



Connected cash registers

Use the + ADD CASH REGISTER button to enter the IP address of the cashier from (or to) which you want to move accounts. If there is a supported version of the Dotypos application on the linked cash register, it will be added to the list. You can move bills between the linked cash registers and pay them. Linked cash registers will be displayed in Open orders. For the complete procedure for moving an order, see Transfer orders to another register.



The cash register IP address can be found under the tile Help Center in the section Wi-Fi settings. If the cash register is cable-connected, you can find the assigned IP address in the Android system settings in the section Wireless connections and networks » Next » Ethernet.


The connected cash registers should have a static IP address set up, so it does not change after their shutdown or restart. If the IP address get changed, the connected cash register will be unavailable and it will have to be added again with the correct address. You can obtain information on the static IP address settings from your network administrator.

All cash registers must share the same storage (cloud) and must have a Dotypos FULL license or higher.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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