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In this part you configure the printers settings. Configure your printer (printers) and try test printing prior to first using the touch cash register.

The printers settings in Dotypos consists of two steps and you can do it using a simple wizard. Once you add a printer, Dotypos tries to automatically select the most suitable settings for this printer. Then you add printing tasks to the printer and select what is to be printed on it.

1.Add the printer according to the connection type and adjust its settings as necessary.

2.Add printing tasks to the printer and adjust their settings.

3.Finished, the printer is now set up!



You can add several printing tasks to one printer. E.g. if one cash register with a connected printer is used by several independent sellers. So the printer will have several printing tasks defined, e.g. printing receipts and orders for individual sellers.


How do I add a new printer?


From the side menu of Dotypos, select Application settings and then Print Settings. The print settings wizard opens. Now click on + ADD PRINTER.




Select the printer connection type:

For a printer connected via a network cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi connection, click on Network (Wi-Fi). The cash register finds network printers in your network. Click on the printer you have found to adjust its settings and print a test page. You can also find the network printer by entering its IP address:

If your printer is connected via USB cable directly to the cash register, select USB. The cash register shows devices connected to USB ports. Click on the selected printer to adjust its settings and perform test printing.

If your cash register is already paired with a Bluetooth printer and you want to set it up for Dotypos, select Bluetooth. The cash register displays paired devices. Click on the selected printer to adjust its settings and perform test printing.

If the printer performs the test printing correctly, click on the button FINISH. The printer will be added to Dotypos.




So you have successfully added the printer and the test printing proved the cash register is communicating with the printer. Now select tasks to be performed by the printer. Click on the button + ADD PRINTING TASK and select one of printing tasks supported by Dotypos:

Print receipts

Print orders

Print cash in/cash out

Print report

Print invoice

Print price tags

Print order statement


By clicking on the icon CONTINUE the selected task will be added to the printer. If you want the printer to print e.g. both receipts and orders, use the same process to add another printing task.




Every printing task has different settings. Once you add the task to the printer and click on it, you can adjust these settings. For printing tasks settings, take a look at this chapter.



How do I delete a printer or printing task?

To delete a printer click on it in the left panel and then click on the recycle bin icon in the heading. For printing tasks use the same sequence. Under the printer click on the task to be deleted and remove it by click on the recycle bin icon in its heading.



This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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