Mobile view

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Mobile view

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The application layout may change according to the display size of the device on which you run Dotypos. On devices having display smaller than 8" Dotypos switches to the so-called mobile view. This view is optimized for small displays and portrait orientation.

The main screen in mobile view





Side menu - Click to display the Side menu.


Panel of categories - Displays created categories of products. You can move this strip horizontally using your finger.


Category list icon - If you have a large quantity of categories, this icon displays them as a transparent tile. Long tap on the icon to switch it into search mode. Then you can use it to search for products in the cash register.


Open orders - After clicking, you will see a list of open orders that are not yet closed or settled.


Table map - click to display Table map. If the table map is not enabled, you will see the option Customer displayed for operations with customer orders.


Tile menu - Contains the buttons for basic cash register operations. A description of individual buttons can be found in this chapter.


Panel of products - Clicking on the selected category displays the products belonging to this category in this section. Clicking on the product records it. If you have activated the Table map, it is displayed here and the products will not be displayed until the specific table is selected. As soon as a product has been recorded, it will be displayed below as an item in the order 08. Clicking on the items in the order lets you adjust their properties and quantities.


Information about the current bill and payment - As soon as you charge any products, you will see information here about the total bill total, together with the last charged item. After clicking on this area the items in the bill can be adjusted and then the order paid.


By default, the searching icon is displayed on the main screen only in landscape mode. In portrait mode the search is hidden under the icon for the list of categories. Long tap on this icon to switch between access to the list of categories and search.



Adjustment of order items and settlement



Adjusting an item in the order - If you click on a charged item in the order, it can be adjusted or deleted with the buttons that appears next to the item.


Parking or settling an order - Use these buttons to either park the order or go to the settlement dialog (option Issue order) and pay the order.


Advanced order options - clicking on this icon displays advanced order options where you can assign a customer, provide a discount or divide items into several orders.


Settlement dialog


Into the field 04 enter the amount received from customer, and the amount to be returned will be calculated. Use the bottom buttons 05 to print the check receipt or pay the bill. To be able to print check receipts, in Print settings there must be assigned to the printer the printing task Printing receipts.

Unpaid closes the order without any settlement. In the Payment history, the transaction will be marked as unsettled and you will be alerted about the unsettled order when the cash register is closed.

By clicking on the icon 06 you display the advanced settlement options where you can divide the payment into several payment methods or send the receipt by email.


Item management


Tap on the icon 01 to display the menu for creating new categories or products. Or you can create a new product with the button +.

To display the existing categories drag your finger from left to right 02. The list of categories will be pulled out. The same operation (pull out from left to right) also displays items when editing products.