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These settings define the basic properties of the touch cash register that affect the counting and display of prices. Some of the values in this section are already set according to the options you selected in the Activation wizard when you first started Dotypos app.


We strongly recommend to set / check the following options before using the cash register and creating products. Changing some values later may result in changes to product prices and impact the calculation of total price and VAT.




POS name

Select the cash register name under which the cash register will be identified and displayed in Dotypos Cloud.

Company info

Information about your company, such as your name, address, bank account number and VAT number, which will appear on the invoice. The bank account number is important if you want to print a QR code on your receipts for instant mobile payment. The invoicing process is described here. The VAT payer switch in this setting is applied as an entry on invoices. Company details can also be added directly in the invoice settings.


If you have more than one sole trader working in your establishment, they can work as separate sellers at one cash register. Each independent seller then fills in their company information in their setup.



Negative prices

Allows you to enter negative prices in the product properties and in the product prices in open orders. This setting is useful when the sale is, for example, a refund for a partial cancellation (in combination with the authority to sell negative quantities).

Negative quantity

Allows negative quantities to be entered in the quantities of individual products for sale in open orders. A negative quantity can only be entered in the charged product properties in QUANTITY. You cannot use buttons + - on the screen with charged products. This setting is useful when the sale is, for example, a refund for a partial cancellation (in combination with authority to enter a negative price).

Disallow sales below purchase price

If this option is active, the cash register will check whether items are sold for a higher price than the purchase price during the order settlement (if the purchase price was entered during stock in). If the price is lower, the goods will not be allowed to be sold and during settlement in the Payment dialog the following notification will be displayed:


Group items on a bill

Activates the automatic merging of identical products in the order when storing or parking this order.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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