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Categories are used for the transparent management of products. It is recommended to create the categories prior to creating the products themselves and then inserting the products directly in individual categories.



You can also manage the categories in Dotypos Cloud.


How do I create a category?


On the main screen of Dotypos, click on the icon to open the 01 Side menu 02 and select Item Management.




On the open page, tap the three dots icon at the top right, select + ADD NEW 01 and from the displayed menu select Category 02.




Select the name of the category and then click on 01 to select the category color. For items in this category you can set a uniform VAT rate by clicking on the pull-down menu 02. However, if you have already set the rate for each product, the rate given to the product will apply. The newly created product will take over the tax for the category. The category rate will be automatically used for Instant sale if you set this category as name of the sold item.

In the section 02, you can set the course that will be used for products in this category. You can inform the kitchen about the preparation of each course. More information can be found in the chapter Courses management.

Keep activated the option Display on Main screen, otherwise the category will not be displayed in the cash register. It is useful to hide the category when you e.g. want to insert into this category products (ingredients) for warehouse ingredients. Then you do not have to hide each product (ingredient) individually.

If you want all products in the specific category to be recorded to another subject, check the option Sell by proxy and select the subject from the list which you added into Sell by Proxy settings in advance. When issuing an order in the Payment dialog, a note will be displayed that the document for the selected product of this category will be issued by proxy.

The defined maximum discount in the section 03 will be valid for all products in the relevant category. So for these products, the service crew cannot grant any higher discount to the customer than is set up here. The maximum discount can also be set up directly for each employee, e.g. user account in the cash register. However, this restriction is applied only to discounts concerning an order item, not to the discount on the whole order in Payment dialog.

In the 04 section, you can add your own tag to the category. This is useful, for example, if you need to hide selected categories on a given cash register. In the display settings you can then specify which categories will be hidden based on the tags. Tags can also be assigned to categories in Dotypos Cloud by editing the category properties or by bulk import or multiple selection. After entering the first letters of the label, the corresponding previously created labels will be whispered.

Save the new category by tapping CREATE 05.




When selling by proxy, you will see a figure icon next to the specified category or product, this is the symbol for sale by proxy.




How do I move a category?

To transfer (arrange) categories, just use the gesture long clicking to activate the arranging mode and then drag the icon for category transfers to move it up or down. This changes the order of categories displayed on the main screen. Long click the category you want moved and the sorting icon appears. Now click on the sorting icon next to the selected category and drag it to the desired location.




How do I adjust or delete a created category?


Go to Item management, select the category on the left-hand side list and click on the pencil icon 01. A dialog with the properties of the selected category appears, here you can adjust its properties and save it. To delete, click in this dialog on the button DELETE CATEGORY 02 , then confirm the category deletion by clicking on OK.

Instead of permanently deleting, we rather recommend hiding the category by deactivating the option 03. Once you need a new category, just uncover and rename it.

Any number of shortcuts 04 can be created for each category and placed in other categories as subcategories. For more information about shortcuts and subcategories, see Subcategories and shortcuts.




If you delete a category containing products, you will not lose them. Instead, products in the deleted category will be moved to the default category All Products (special). However, this category is visible only in item management.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

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