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Working with Mobile Waiter is the same as with Dotypos. Working with orders is very quick and easy. However, there are a few limitations. For example, Mobile Waiter does not support hidden products based on Dotypos Cloud, nor does it support splitting a payment into multiple payment methods or Sell by proxy. However, Customizations (extra side dishes, Course management, additional (foreign) currency or Daily / Weekly menus are supported.



Charging with Mobile Waiter


On the main screen 01 to add products to an open order. Alternatively, you can scan the barcode with the built-in camera by tapping the icon 04. However, this option must be enabled in the Application Settings. Long tap on the product to assign it to the selected course. If you disable selling under stock in the product properties, you will not be able to sell the item if it is out of stock.

Once it is finished, click on the bottom bar with the information on the order 02. This will get you to the charged items, where you can perform operations with the current order. The icon 03 displays the actual Daily menu and Recommendation screen with the best-selling products which you can tap to add to order.




In the open order overview you can see the items charged. You can now park the order 01 to the table of your choice (if you have created a Table Map) or park it without assigning it to a specific table. You can also pay the bill directly. Selecting PAY 02 will display the available payment methods (as per the Dotypos settings), selecting a payment method will then pay the bill and close it. The available payment methods can be limited in the Application Settings. If you have other currencies active you will find them in the displayed payment methods. You can split the payment between several payment methods using the Split payment button under payment methods.

If you hold the PAY 02 button for a long time, a dialog for splitting the account will be displayed. In case of only one payment method, the payment will be made immediately.

Tap on PARK 01 to see the table overview and to park the order. If you tap on the selected order item 03 it will be expanded and you can use the + / - buttons to change its quantity or remove it from the order. The pencil button will allow you to add a note, set a % discount on the selected item, select a portion or assign a specific course. The 04 icon offers access to other operations with an open order.

If Takeaway is active in the main cash register settings, a dialog may be displayed (depending on your preferred setting for this feature) to select the Eat in / Take away sales type before the bill is paid. Likewise, a dialog will be displayed to enter the price/quantity if the appropriate options are active for the product on the main cash register.




Depending on the payment settings on the main cash register, after selecting the payment method, a dialog will be displayed to insert a tip or enter the amount received using the defined coins and banknotes. The Paid button will then pay the order using the selected payment method and close the order.





If you have a wireless payment terminal, the amount will be displayed directly on the payment terminal (for card payments). Otherwise the payment just records the transaction in the cash register and then you have to enter the amount to be paid on the terminal manually and also perform the card payment manually.


Possibilities of open order

Display the order options by clicking on the icon 04 (see the figure above) beside the open (or parked) order. A dialog will appear with several icons that allow other operations with either the whole order or items in this order.



By clicking on the icon SET A NOTE , you can assign a note to the order that will then be visible in the overview of open orders.

The button PICK CUSTOMER offers created customer orders in Dotypos. So you can assign the order to a specific customer.

The option CANCEL ORDER , cancels and closes the whole order.

DISCOUNT allows selecting or entering the whole order discount in %.

If you want to partially settle an order or transfer a part of it to another table, use the button SPLIT ORDER (see further).

The same items charged multiple times can be merged into one item with the appropriate number of pieces with the button MERGE ITEMS.

The button MOVE ORDER transfers the order to the selected table or away from the table.

Use the option TAKE AWAY is displayed only with the active function Takeaway sales in the main cash register.



Information about the transactions made in Mobile Waiter can be found in the History section of the main cash register.

In this setting, you can specify whether the cash drawer should be opened when paying with Mobile Waiter.



Splitting orders

Long press and hold the PAY button on the open order screen to bring up the account split dialog. The same dialog can then also be accessed via a button on the open order menu. To split items in an order, use the - + 01 buttons. You simply specify the number of items that the customer wants to pay for separately. Use the + button to add items for payment and the - button to remove them. Finally, tap the SPLIT button02 and the selected items will be added to a separate order. When you remove the entire quantity of one item, the dialog will show that item (crossed out).

Once you have paid the new separate order, the original bill with the remaining items will still remain to be paid. You can park this, pay it or split it again. This can continue until all remaining items in the order have been paid. Click 03 to cancel the splitting of the order.




Open orders and Table Map

From the Mobile Waiter main screen, you can access an overview of open (parked) order and also the Table map. Working with these items is again simple and similar to the philosophy of Dotypos. The open order view can be limited to only orders issued by the currently logged in user (Only my orders option in the header). Otherwise, open orders created by other users will also be displayed.



In the list of open orders, you can see all currently parked orders no matter whether they are assigned to a specific table or not. Click on the selected order to activate it and to go back to the main screen with products and categories. The order is now active, so use the classic product selection from the tiles to add them to this order again. Use this possibility when guests with an open order ask for extra items.

As soon as you add new items, click on the bottom line with the order information (see the first picture) and park the order once again or settle it.

The Table Map gives the same options. Click on the selected table to open the order and add items to this table. Similarly as it is in Dotypos, a table with an already open order is marked violet.



Blocking order adjustments

To prevent order adjustments at two places at the same time (main cash register and Mobile Waiter), the order is blocked. The order is blocked when it is active (open) in the main cash register or in Mobile Waiter - in the mode of adding items.

If you open a parked order in the main cash register or in Mobile Waiter that is active somewhere else, a notification will be displayed and no adjustments to the order will be allowed. To adjust the order further, it is necessary to go where it is open and park it. The picture below shows the notification in Mobile Waiter:



In the touch cash register it looks similar. The order currently being adjusted in Mobile Waiter cannot be open in parked orders or from Table map:




Printing orders and receipts

To print receipts directly from Mobile Waiter, the device with the installed Mobile Waiter has to be paired with the mobile Bluetooth printer, eventually you can also use a printer connected to the main cash register. Once the printer is paired, you can select it in the Mobile Waiter settings. After each order closure the receipt will be printed at this printer. So the receipts are printed either at the paired printer from Mobile Waiter or at the main cash register printer.

Printing orders is always a question of the main cash register (cash register connected with Mobile Waiter). If in the Dotypos printing settings you defined a printing task to print orders for the printer, a bon will be printed at this printer after the order is settled or parked.



Owners the licenses Dotypos UNLIMITED can also print receipts from Mobile Waiter to a LAN printer , so they have more options regarding the printer location. With the device filter in the printing settings they can also specify from which devices (cash registers or Mobile waiters) is it possible to print at this printer. With other licenses you can use a mobile Bluetooth printer to print receipts.


This manual is for information purposes only and does not provide any warranty. The given specifications may be changed without prior notification. Illustrations and schemes are for information purposes only. The appearance and functions of both the device and software may differ based on the current version of the product and applications.

Created with from Dotypos. ©2024 Dotykačka ČR s.r.o.


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